Coaching - is it for you?

CACVT is excited to launch our coaching program in 2021 as part of our member wellbeing program! 

We will be providing more information on the coaching program at the kickoff event on December 8, 2020. Registration is now open for that event, click here to reserve your space today. In the meantime, please read the following article by Peg Thoren, a Board Certified Coach working with CACVT members to learn more about coaching and how it can help you!

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Life Experience Experts Wanted!

Have you ever said, “I wish someone would research [insert really interesting topic] in certified veterinary technicians!”?

It’s hard to miss the vast amount of information regarding wellness, burnout, compassion fatigue, suicide…the list could go on. But most of this material has one thing in common – the focus is veterinarians. The research and resultant interventions are most commonly targeted to DVMs – which is great for them, but what about us? Well, here’s your chance to contribute to ground-breaking research on certified veterinary technicians and help shape programs specifically for us! The importance of this kind of research cannot be overstated, especially with the current dismal career-expectancy of CVTs.

Josh Vaisman of Flourish Consulting is launching an IRB-approved research study on the lived experiences of CVTs. Josh is seeking volunteer participants who are currently: certified in Colorado, working in clinical practice for a minimum of 1-year, living in the Denver area, and available for ONE HOUR to participate in an in-person interview. To learn more about Josh’s study, please read this INVITATION. The time requirement includes a brief questionnaire and a 1-hour in-person interview. If you are interested in participating in this study please contact Josh Vaisman at [email protected] and you will be provided a consent form and Unique Participant Number.

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