To celebrate veterinary technician week, CACVT hosted a complimentary webinar, “Winning the Battle Against Imposter Syndrome”. In this webinar, Lisa Hinz shared her personal struggle with imposter syndrome and how it impacted her and her career. Research shows that 70% to 82% of adults will experience imposter syndrome at some point in their lifetime, yet so few talk about it. Lisa is opening up the conversation to help others manage this sometimes career – crippling experience. She engaged her audience by presenting her story, what it is, the signs to look for, and ways to manage it so that others don’t have to experience what she did. 
This webinar is now available on-demand for CACVT members! Earn 1.5 hours of non-medical CE on your time, and download the workbook to guide you through the lecture.
Webinar access instructions: To access the recording, log into your Member Profile on Once logged in, click on the CACVT Event Access option in the menu bar under the name tag to be directed to the CACVT Connect: Education Center. In the Education Center, you may see other CACVT events, but you will only be able to access the events for which you have registered. If you believe you do not have the correct access, please email [email protected] with information about what you can access. For more detailed visual instructions, click here.
About Lisa Hinz
Lisa Hinz has 25+ years of corporate leadership experience and most recently worked for a Fortune 300 Construction Engineering firm, where she led a 75-person team spanning across the U.S. and Canada and led various professional development initiatives. She now owns her own professional growth company, The Confidence Track, where she helps career-driven professionals achieve higher levels of success through leadership development and coaching.